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About Us

We are a Collective of professionals, freelancers and contractors who specialise in the many facets of the Visitor Economy.

The Visitor Economy is a term used to describe the economic, social and cultural benefits that occur when people visit a place.

The word ‘visitor’ is a more inclusive term than tourist, delegate, investor, business traveler, event attendee or student, while ‘economy’ focuses attention on the impact these visitors have on the places they visit.

Why do people visit a place?

Business – Events & Festivals – Leisure Activities & Vacations – Education – Visiting Family & Friends

Visitors can come from your local neighbourhood, from neighbouring suburbs, regional visitors, come from another state or country. Every precinct and destination has a different mix of where their visitors come from and why they are visiting that place.

The relationship between these drivers, the stakeholders that make up the sector and how to operate within this space is what we specialise in.

Our collective works with a variety of different clients from within the Visitor Economy. These clients include

  • Local councils
  • Businesses who want more alignment and accountability for their events
  • State Government Departments and Agencies
  • Not for Profit Organisations
  • Business Chambers
  • Small businesses looking to start or grow within the Visitor Economy

And we help them with

  • Economic Development strategies that build local economies
  • A cohesive, organised and connected destination for visitors to travel to
  • Events and festivals that provide real, measurable ROE (Return on Event)
  • Advocacy campaigns that provide access to greater support of industries and places
  • Campaigns, programs and activations that bring more people to their place (destination, business or event)
  • Management of their not for profit organisation


Scope of interests

Business EventsEconomic DevelopmentFestivalsTourismAdvocacyAssociation ManagementGovernment GrantsDestination ManagementOther

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