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About Us

We are a Collective of professionals, freelancers and contractors who specialise in the many facets of the Economic Development.

Economic development is how a local area improves the economic, political, cultural, intellectual and social well-being of its people.

Successful economic development is achieved when a place can achieve improved well-being as a combined community of government, residents, businesses, community groups, and visitors.

It is this collaborative approach to economic development that our collective is passionate about and what we provide as a service to our clients.

Our collective works with a variety of different clients from within this space. These clients include

  • Local Councils
  • Industries and businesses looking to develop a better presence or establish themselves in regional and urban areas
  • State Government Departments and Agencies
  • Not for Profit Organisations
  • Business Chambers
  • Small Businesses looking to start or grow within their local area

And we help them with

  • Economic Development strategies that build local economies
  • Strategies and programs to develop a cohesive, organised and connected place
  • Advocacy campaigns that provide access to greater support of industries and places
  • Events and festivals that provide real, measurable ROE (Return on Event)
  • Campaigns, programs and activations that bring more people to their place (destination, business or event)
  • Management of not for profit organisation

    Scope of interests

    Business EventsEconomic DevelopmentFestivalsTourismAdvocacyAssociation ManagementGovernment GrantsDestination ManagementOther

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