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Stakeholder Engagement1

Advocacy involves representing groups of people or businesses who have common issues, needs or action that needs to be taken on their behalf.

Standing individually, it is difficult to facilitate change. Standing together as a united group, your message becomes more real.

Capstone Collective have successfully facilitated advocacy campaigns on behalf of our clients by following a winning formula.

First, our clients need to be

Organised – Their needs to be a structure or recognised governance model for the group

Funded – To ensure effective advocacy, there needs to be funds to draw on

Connected and Engaged – Our clients need to be connected to and engaged with the groups and communities they represent

Common Agenda – Clear direction on what you are trying to achieve

Have a Voice – Have the credibility to be listed to and the cut through to say it

Expert Knowledge – Have experts in your group or access to them

Access to Government – Be able to identify the right government sectors to connect with and have a connection to them

These are the key criteria to that will assist in developing a successful advocacy campaign.  Capstone Collective can assist you in building the relationships, structure and activities required to plan your advocacy campaigns.

Once organised and planned we can then either activate the campaign for you or support your team in its delivery. For some recent examples of our work in this space, got to our blogs relating to the Night Time Economy Alliance, Stopping Westconnex Clearways on King St,  Sydney Chamber Alliance and CoWork Newtown.


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