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Destination Management


The attraction of a destination relies on  its ability to use its resources to develop and deliver quality, innovative, ethical and attractive visitor products and services. In some destinations, this has developed organically and in some, it has taken well planned destination management.

The key components of destination management are

  • Experience Development – circuit development, packaging, and signage
  • Tourism Branding and Marketing – graphic design services, social media, tour operator and press familiarization (FAM) trips
  • Market Access – Both physical access through transportation and digital access through information reservation systems & accessing existing networks
  • Ensuring Brand Integrity – standards, certification and training
  • Customer Relationship Management – at the retail and wholesale level
  • Representation – giving stakeholders a unified and more powerful voice

Capstone Collective can assist precincts and destinations develop the key components of a vibrant Visitor Economy by enabling these key criteria in your ‘place’.

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