Mark Ely
Newtown Precinct Business Association

We engaged Capstone Collective to develop and execute a new strategic plan for our business association based around the Visitor Economy. Simon and his team have been able to engage with our key stakeholders to develop a long-term, engaging strategy. Our stakeholders include two different local councils, state government departments, precinct operators (members), our governing committee and associated organisations. This strategy is currently in execution and exceeding our expectations’

Kate Murray
City of Sydney (previous)
Manager City Business and Safety

Simon has demonstrated the ability to understand the needs of both the public and private sectors and bring them together through projects and activities that contribute to the economic development of our city villages. One of Simon’s key strengths is being able to navigate a complex legislative and political environment, working across two different Council areas and state government.

Duncan Gilchrist
Inner West Council
Economic Development Manager

Simon and the Capstone team have been able to develop programs and activities that significantly contribute to the economic development of Newtown. Simon’s ability to strategically plan for the needs of the area, and his teams ability to execute these plans, will ensure a positive effect on Newtown’s economy for many years to come

Liz Yeo
Newtown Neighbourhood Centre
Chief Executive Officer

Capstone Collective led a creative and engaging process that enabled our key stakeholders to really take ownership of our organisational goals for the festival.  As a result, we are now clear on our vision, and our key objectives, and these are informing our actions, decisions and priorities

Stephen Cartwright
NSW Business Chamber
Chief Executive Officer

Simon and the Capstone Team have shown great leadership in advocating for local businesses, bringing them together as an effective group and determining the best ways to support them

Jane Nicholls
NSW Business Chamber
Chief Operating Officer

Simon has demonstrated an intimate knowledge of the complex public sector landscape. This knowledge has assisted in developing best practice models of how different organisations can work with the different levels of government and engage with them for support

Chelsea Wymer
Chelsea from Karus is a Senior Marketing Executive with broad expertise in marketing across the media and advertising industries.
Mitchell Bird
Mitchell Bird
Mitchell from Discover Web Solutions specialises in web application, cloud integration, design, hosting, SEO & Digital marketing, focusing on projects and hosting for online applications, cms driven websites, and e-commerce.
Paula Headshot
Paula O’Sullivan
Paula O'Sulivan from Possum Digital has over 10 years communications experience in the Government and community space, bringing a highly analytical and strategic mind to the digital environment.
Jodie Oberg
Jodie from Lanberg has over 25 year’s extensive experience working in the tourism and events industries. Jodie also has experience in association marketing and content development.
Kevin Nuttall
Kevin from Waterfield is a Strategy Facilitator, with over 20 years experience in working with senior management teams to develop and implement organisational strategies
Jakki Govan
Jakki from Clockwise Consulting is a Destination Tourism and Hospitality Specialist with a passion for customer service.
Duncan Gilchrist
Duncan is the Economic Development Manager at Inner West Council. He has an extensive history of working for and with government, predominantly local Councils. This brings with it an incredible knowledge of the public sector landscape.
8 Hi Res_ Back and white_
Kristy Meredith
Kristy from The Initiative Point is an administration and organisation expert with over 15 years of professional experience providing support, down to earth advice, planning, development and consultancy services.


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