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ROE – Return On Event


Our new buzz word is ‘Return on Event’.  So what does it mean?

Return on Event is the impact your event has on your organisations core objectives. It is how the success of your event should be measured and analysed.

Most event planners we speak to say that budget is their number one objective.  While budgets are important, they are not the reason the event is being held.

Events have a purpose and that purpose must have measurable objectives to analyse your Return On Event.  For example

  1. Increase brand awareness
  2. New sales prospects
  3. Number of attendees
  4. educating and inspiring attendees
  5. Facilitating connections between attendees
  6. Increase in bottom line turnover

So how does Capstone Collective help you achieve ROE?

  1. We help you and your team identify at least 5 measurable, tweetable objectives that align with your organisations core business
  2. We use these objectives to develop concepts that will assist in achieving these objectives (not just based on budget!)
  3. Then we advise your team on how to make these concepts a reality based on your requirements and guidelines

To see an example of how this process works, see our case study of the Newtown Festival and how we are helping the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre to become Australia’s biggest and best festival for social change.

Or, if you would like to see how Capstone Collective can help you, connect with us and we can have a chat.

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