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Return On Event
We identify measurable, tweetable objectives that will show how your events impact your core business. These objectives are the most critical component of your event planning process.

We then use these objectives to develop concepts that will achieve them. Once these objectives and concepts are established, Capstone can either manage the delivery of your event or support your team in this process. This leads to reporting on your ROE - Return on Event
We manage systemic advocacy campaigns which involve representing groups of people who have common issues, needs or action taken on their behalf.

Our focus is on the core competencies of advocacy campaigning which are being - Organised, Funded, Connected/Engaged, Common Agenda, Have a Voice, Expert Knowledge, Access to Government. Capstone Collective have facilitated advocacy campaigns for local and state governments, destinations and community groups.
Destination Management
Having a collaborative and connected destination is imperative for a vibrant Visitor Economy. It enables all 6 major components of a successful 'place'.

Our team specialise in bringing locals together for specific programs, activities, events or purposes.
Grant Writing, Reporting and Acquittals
Local, state and federal governments provide access to funding where the programs and activities of businesses and organisations align with their strategic objectives.

Capstone Collective are experts in identifying opportunities to source and apply for grant funding, as well as the reporting and acquitting of these funds.
Association Management
Our Collective has specialists in all facets of managing a not for profit organisation. Membership, administration, governance, events, strategy, grant management, marketing, communications and financial reporting.

Capstone Collective can look after the administration and provide your volunteer directors with the time they need to concentrate on the reasons why they joined your organisation and board, to help your members, industry and stakeholders do what they do better.
Economic Development
Economic development is the process by which a place improves the economic, political, and social well-being of its people.

Capstone Collective assist both public and private entities in developing programs that contribute to the economic development of a place. These activities are based around tourism, events, education, investment attraction and local business support
Objective Setting and Concept Development
People love having ideas and suggesting them, but you don't jest incorporate a good idea because it sounds good. You need to understand the impact that an idea can have on your business or organisation.

We have facilitated over 100 sessions with our clients based around identifying at least 5 measurable, tweetable objectives that govern idea and concept development for any and all types of projects in the Visitor Economy


While the range of services we can help your with are many and varied, our process of delivering what our clients want remains consistent. Here’s a basic explanation of how we can maximise your involvement within the Visitor Economy

Initial Briefing
This is where we get to know you, your place in the Visitor Economy and how we can support you. We identify the areas in which you need support and some suggestions on how to provide it
We then meet with you, or facilitate a team workshop, that identifies at least 5 measurable, tweetable objectives that you confirm and govern the way we help you

Concept Design
With these objectives in mind we design concepts that will achieve our objectives. These concepts can be created either with your team in a facilitated workshop, or suggested for your approval by our experts
You then have the option of either requesting Capstone Collective to deliver on these concepts, or having Capstone support your team in their activation

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    Mark Ely
    Newtown Precinct Business Association

    We engaged Capstone Collective to develop and execute a new strategic plan for our business association based around the Visitor Economy. Simon and his team have been able to engage with our key stakeholders to develop a long-term, engaging strategy. Our stakeholders include two different local councils, state government departments, precinct operators (members), our governing committee and associated organisations. This strategy is currently in execution and exceeding our expectations’

    Kate Murray
    City of Sydney (previous)
    Manager City Business and Safety

    Simon has demonstrated the ability to understand the needs of both the public and private sectors and bring them together through projects and activities that contribute to the economic development of our city villages. One of Simon’s key strengths is being able to navigate a complex legislative and political environment, working across two different Council areas and state government.

    Duncan Gilchrist
    Inner West Council
    Economic Development Manager

    Simon and the Capstone team have been able to develop programs and activities that significantly contribute to the economic development of Newtown. Simon’s ability to strategically plan for the needs of the area, and his teams ability to execute these plans, will ensure a positive effect on Newtown’s economy for many years to come

    Liz Yeo
    Newtown Neighbourhood Centre
    Chief Executive Officer

    Capstone Collective led a creative and engaging process that enabled our key stakeholders to really take ownership of our organisational goals for the festival.  As a result, we are now clear on our vision, and our key objectives, and these are informing our actions, decisions and priorities

    Stephen Cartwright
    NSW Business Chamber
    Chief Executive Officer

    Simon and the Capstone Team have shown great leadership in advocating for local businesses, bringing them together as an effective group and determining the best ways to support them

    Jane Nicholls
    NSW Business Chamber
    Chief Operating Officer

    Simon has demonstrated an intimate knowledge of the complex public sector landscape. This knowledge has assisted in developing best practice models of how different organisations can work with the different levels of government and engage with them for support