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Sydney’s Night Time Economy


For all recent media around the ‘Nanny State’ of Sydney’s nightlife, there has been a substantial lack of media around the people and organisations who are trying to promote and protect it.

Some of the more recent activity in this space includes a workshop facilitated by the City of Sydney , under the guidance of their ‘Open Sydney’ strategy, featuring the Night Mayor of Amsterdam Mirak Milan. This workshop brought together a multitude of stakeholders who operate in Sydney’s Night Time Economy (NTE) for a presentation and workshop with Mirak.

One of the many results of this workshop was the realisation that places and industry groups are not organised enough to be proactive in their advocacy to protect and promote the NTE. While there is a great deal of passionate individuals and groups, there is a severe lack of understanding of how to effectively and efficiently advocate.

Other realisations that occurred during this workshop were

  1. There is a substantial amount of government based activity in this space that industry is not aware of
  2. The NTE is a very complex ecosystem of stakeholders who are not connected or communicating with each other
    • These stakeholders stretch across public and private sectors, industry groups, places, residents, touists
    • In total, 23 major stakeholder groups who have some ‘skin in the game’ were identified
  3. The challenges we are facing in the NTE or not caused by lockouts, they were a by-product. What places need are
    • A diverse visitor experience assists in attracting a greater number of varied demographics
    • Transport options are essential for visitors to access places and the experiences they offer
    • Collaborative approaches to place-making ensuring everyone speaks the same language
  4. There is a huge group of passionate people and organisations that want support the development of a safe and vibrant NTE
  5. There is a serious lack of cohesion, communication, organisation and knowledge of how to effectively advocate for change in the NTE

Capstone Collective is now actively engaging stakeholders to assist them in becoming effective advocates for the destination or industry group they represent.

If you want assistance in making a real change in your night time economy, contact Capstone Collective to see the massive impact that passionate and organised people can make. Take a look at some of our more recent Advocacy work with the Sydney Chamber Alliance and Westconnex




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