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Capstone Collective has extensive experience in grant development, submission, reporting and acquittal. Knowing the process is relatively easy. Completing the process is the hard part!

There are questions that you’ll be asked pretty much every time you write a grant application. Get good at answering those questions and you’ll get more successful at grant management. 

You have to follow whatever application process the funding provider has laid down. Have a good look before you start and make sure you know what’s required.

The following provides a brief description of the sorts of information most grant funder’s ask for, but be aware that the questions may be different or differently expressed for each and every one.


A brief description of the organisation

You will need to build your profile to establish your organisations credibility and qualifications for funding, and get a feel for how your programs have been developed to meet identified needs.

They may ask you to include short, relevant descriptions of the qualifications and experience that your organisation (and its key staff) have in the area for which program funds are being sought.

The case for support

It’s vital to establish a specific problem or issue in a geographically (or interest-based – e.g. youth homelessness, rural depression, community building) identifiable area.

The problem needs to be one that you can prove your organisation can realistically address (or contribute to addressing).

  1. Produce Evidence – Use up-to-date and accurate data based on objective reserach
  2. Tell the story – An evocative case study illustrating the issue will drive your points home better than descriptions might
  3. Demonstrate community support – Most funder’s ask for evidence of community support for your group’s work, and will in particulat want to know that others support your submission
  4. Match up strategic objectives – Show where the project fits into the funder’s priorities.

The proposed project/program

This is where you show that you’ve developed a clearly defined, creative, achievable and measurable strategy to address the issue/s previously described. Be as concrete as possible and include

  1. The objectives – Clearly defined aims and objectives
  2. The methodology – How the objectives are to be achieved
  3. Evaluation – How the success of the program will be measured

So there’s the basic process for grant management. Knowing what to do is around 5% of the process, so if you want to know what support is out there for you and how to secure it, contact our team and we’ll show you how.

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